Start Your Own Eco Village!

Wanderer's End Sanctuary is an all inclusive Eco Village that can be built on a minimum of 3 acres. Start with a campground and grow from there!

The next Wanderer's End Sanctuary will be built using a rustic viking/hobbit theme. It will be open source shared to demonstrate how to build safely, affordably, and efficiently with maximal use of reclaimed/recycled materials. The design of the Recycled Materials Village is an earthship-inspired semi-subterranean design that will provide 47 individual lots with living units that also include a village shop and 14 common areas. The common areas will include dining and social space large enough to seat 150+ people, an art space, music room, dance room, yoga/meditation space, library, game room, gym, and relaxation and socialization room. Each common area will have an indoor and an outdoor design with ground-floor spaces (art studio, library, game room, and gym) planned to include and open source specific extensions and development of outside space dedicated to the same use and also designed and constructed with recycled materials.

Reconnecting people with their food, and re-teaching people how to grow their own food, has the potential to positively and permanently change the world. It is possible to grow food that is fresher, healthier, and more diverse than what is currently found in the grocery stores. When grown properly, this food can also be grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

Wanderers End Sanctuary

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